Vote YES on Measure X to bring badly needed transportation improvements and Get Contra Costa Moving again.

Measure X will:

  • Repair potholes and fix roads
  • Improve BART capacity and reliability
  • Improve highways throughout the county, including 4, 24, 80, and 680
  • Enhance bus and other public transit services for everyone, including seniors and people with disabilities

  • Increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce traffic on our roads and highways

Measure X builds on the success of earlier voter-approved transportation measures, which brought us the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel, BART extensions, car pool lanes on 80 and 680, and major improvements to Highway 4. Measure X means continuing to make major improvements that smooth traffic flow and help people get around more easily.

Measure X generates $2.9 billion of local funding over 30 years that will help generate tens of millions more in state and federal matching dollars for projects that we determine locally. Once we secure the money, it can’t be touched by Sacramento or Washington.

Measure X is a robust plan to improve transportation, and incorporates strong accountability measures to make sure the money is used as authorized by the voters. It requires independent oversight and financial and performance audits, and every dollar raised by Measure X is required to be spent to benefit local residents.

Read the full plan here