Improving Our Communities

Measure X will improve our transportation network while also creating good local jobs, protecting the environment, and helping children, seniors, and people with disabilities. It also contains strict accountability provisions to protect taxpayer funding.

Creating Local Jobs

Measure X will create almost 90,000 new jobs right here in Contra Costa County. It also includes clear policies that give preference to local contractors and businesses, and support prevailing wages, apprenticeship programs, and veteran hiring programs.

Protecting the Environment

This measure makes a significant investment in improving public transit, with one-third of all the funding raised by Measure X designated for transit. It also triples the funding available for bike and pedestrian projects. All of this spending will increase the use of alternative transportation and reduce dependence on single occupant vehicles.

Measure X includes provisions to strengthen our county’s growth management and urban limit line policies, and create a new advanced mitigation program. These policies combined will strengthen protections of our open space and help conserve natural resources.

It also funds programs that will incentivize the development of housing and commercial facilities near transit, reducing the number of county residents that need to use cars to commute to work.

Helping Children, Seniors and People with Disabilities

Measure X will provide a 70% increase to the funding currently available to provide safer transportation for children, including expanding bus service and increasing programs to provide safe routes to schools. The measure also almost doubles funding for programs that increase mobility and keep fares affordable for seniors and people with disabilities.

Ensuring Accountability

Measure X incorporates strong accountability measures to make sure the money is used as authorized by the voters. It requires independent oversight and financial and performance audits, and every dollar raised by Measure X is required to be spent to benefit local residents.

It also builds on the successes already provided, including the 4th Bore of the Caldecott Tunnel, Highway 4 widening and safety improvements, BART extensions, I-680 widening, carpool lanes on 4, 242, 80, & 680, Iron Horse Regional Trail, Richmond Parkway, and paving and pothole repair in every city, town, and unincorporated area. Not only were these projects completed successfully, but they also used millions of dollars in matching funds from state and federal sources.