New Suite of Femtosecond Lasers Lowers Costs and Complexity of Microscopy

Axon Fixed Wavelength Femtosecond Lasers

Compact and cost-effective ultrafast lasers for life sciences and instrumentation

The Axon family of lasers is a suite of compact, air-cooled, femtosecond lasers designed for ease of integration and reduced complexity at a market-enabling price point. Axon addresses demanding applications such as multiphoton microscopy, nano-processing, semiconductor metrology, and THz spectroscopy

All Axon lasers feature the same form, fit and function, including 1 W of average power with integrated, GVD pre-compensation. Their output matches Coherent Chameleon and Discovery tunable lasers: short (< 150 fs) pulse width, a clean temporal profile, and 80 MHz pulse repetition rate.

Axon lasers are ideal for multiphoton microscopy. The 920 nm wavelength version is designed to optimally excite GFP and related probes, as well as the popular GCaMP family of Ca2+ indicators. The 1064 nm version is ideal to excite red-shifted Ca2+ indicators and red fluorescent proteins, while minimizing cross-talk with “green” probes.

LOLS10在线直播下注The 1064 nm model is also an excellent tool for supercontinuum generation thanks to its high fidelity femtosecond pulse quality.

Axon lasers offer an optimal combination of performance, ease of use, and economy in order to enable the widest possible range of applications.

Optional fast modulation via a built-in AOM makes integration in a microscope or other equipment requiring on-the-fly power control easier than ever before. And new, exciting wavelengths will be available soon. 

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