New Monaco HE Femtosecond Amplifier. Unmatched Performance and Versatility.

High-energy, versatile ultrafast ytterbium amplifier suitable for time-resolved spectroscopy and material processing applications.

The newest member of the Monaco family, the Monaco HE, is a high-energy, versatile, ultrafast ytterbium amplifier that enables multiple types of research in a single, hands-free platform. Delivering high pulse energy or high average power at <350 fs pulse widths, combined with industrial HALT/HASS testing, Monaco HE is at home in both lab and production environments.

Monaco HE provides up to 2 mJ pulse energy (1-10 kHz) and 25 W of average power (up to 250 kHz). Delivering a <350 fs pulse width (adjustable up to >10 ps) and user-controlled selection of repetition rate and energy combinations. The laser head is housed in a single box that integrates all optical and electrical control components and the system includes a chiller, 48V power supply, and controller.

•      Flexible, user adjustable energy, rep rate, pulse width

•       >2 mJ at 10 kHz

•       >25 W at rep rates up to 250 kHz

•       <350 fs pulse width

•       Variable pulse width up to >10 ps

•       HALT-designed and HASS-verified to ensure quality and reliability

 to learn how the Monaco HE utilizes cutting edge technology that allows you to explore different regimes in a single, hand-free platform.

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